Who Am I:

Hello everyone, this is David Smith, an Engineer by Profession and a Blogger by Passion. I have done a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. Now, I am a full-time blogger, affiliate marketer, Freelancer on Fiverr, and founder of Hostingshots.com. A blog that provides real, authentic & helpful information regarding Blogging, Hosting Reviews, SEO, and Affiliate Marketing.

Our Aim:

HostingShots is designed to help users understand web hosting and empower them to start their own blogs or online businesses.


In August 2019 I created some websites and blogs with copy-paste work. But it was a failure for me because of inconsistency & lack of knowledge. It was the start of my career in the field of blogging and affiliate marketing.

I was a beginner at that time and I was just focusing on earning money through blogging as soon as possible.

Then I realized that I couldn’t earn money from Blogging without any knowledge of it. The thing that will work here is patience, hard work & determination.

I saw many newbie bloggers who had started blogging but quit after some time because they didn’t have patience & wanted to earn without any knowledge & hard work.

After failing many times. I decided to learn more about Blogging and affiliate Marketing. Then, I watched lots of videos on YouTube and read many articles related to blogging & affiliate marketing to increase my knowledge and become successful in it.

After getting enough knowledge & experience I started this blog named HOSTINGSHOTS. And, this is working now because this time I have the knowledge & also patience.

Dedication of hard work 💪 I already had 😎.


That is all about me.

Keep in mind these 5 things because it is the key to success.

Hard Work, Patience, Dedication, Determination, & Consistency“.